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      We all know that if we do not have quality rest we will not get far. Sleep is very important because when the body is in a state of maximum rest, the longest period of muscle growth in the day begins. The growth hormone is also secreted during sleep. It is needed for the recovery of all tissues - muscles, tendons, bones, skin. Insufficient sleep leads to slow and insufficient recovery from stress and micro-traumas resulting from normal daily activities. This in turn leads to chronic pain, wrinkles, etc. While we sleep each night our body works for our health and self-esteem. The proper functioning of the immune system depends on the quality of sleep. Even moderate sleep deprivation decreases immunity and we become  more susceptible to viral infections. Quality sleep each night significantly improves our overall health.

      Unfortunately, statistics show that more than 30% of people have sleep problems, i.e. one hundred million people on Earth fail to sleep. Insufficient sleep is the cause of 10% of the crashes worldwide. Studies conducted in Bulgaria also show alarming results. The study by Professor Zahariev shows that 45% of students in Plovdiv suffer from sleep disorders. In 2015 BTV Media Group conducted "National Stress Test", results of which are even more stressful. It turned out that the proportion of people suffering from insomnia was 80% versus those who had quality sleep. The study involved over 30,000  people. The test is still available and you can take it, and see your results. Quiz  Good Night. I personally do not agree with these statistics and will ask all of you who sleep well to take part in it in order to change results, especially those of you using Stepin2Nature products .

      Insomnia can be caused by various factors including cigarettes, coffee, alcohol, stress, sedentary lifestyle, or even poor nutrition. Because of the specifics of this issue it is important to know that there is no universal solution to eliminate all causes of insomnia. The main reasons for sleep problems are divided into four. Psychological reasons, Lifestyle, Medical problems, Irregular sleep habits.

      Among the psychological reasons are various problems in the office, at home, or at school, onerous travelling, or a profession in which you constantly have to prove yourself. A person suffers very often from overload of the nervous system caused by emotional stress. These are all professions related to mental stress. Insomnia can be caused by more intense emotions such as anger, fear, and others.

      The reasons for sleep problems lie precisely in the way we live. Among them the most common is the use of too much coffee or refreshing drinks, cigarettes or alcohol. Other serious causes are frequent change of time zones, the use of toxic drugs such as steroids, chronic fatigue, or excessive eating. It is important to know that in order to have calm sleep we should provide rest to the digestive tract, which means that we should not eat any food 4 hours before bedtime.

      The medical problems may include the lack of calcium, magnesium and B vitamins .You can also suffer from diseases that violate the rhythm of sleep such as: dizziness, asthma attacks, heart and lungs disease, painful headache, disorders of the digestive system and even sexual dysfunction.
      When talking about irregular sleep habits we have in mind the sleeping environment, whether it is hot, cold or noisy in the bedroom, what is the type of the mattress, the duvets, the pillow or something else.You can find some additional useful information on this topic in the article Sleep Hygiene.

      There are many other methods to fight sleep disorders. One of them is treatment with herbs. Over the last 40 years of the previous century, the role of herbs revived again and they became very popular. Herbs are not addictive and do not have side effects like most drugs. It is important to know that you should not boil herbs in aluminum vessels or sweeten them, and have to drink them in small sips. Another popular  method  nowadays is homeopathy. This method is very similar to herbal treatment and is widely applicable in the modern world. Some minerals, the most effective of which is Tourmaline can also help you.Though it may seem unbeliavable, it is a very effective method.

      Be healthy!

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