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      Your new Stepin2Nature mattress is covered by 10 year warranty. This limited warranty gives you certain rights, but you may also have another rights depending on the legislation of the state.


      This limited Warranty concerns only mattresses, manufactured and bought directly from Stepin2Nature Bulgaria Ltd. or authorized merchants. The mattresses are designed to be used on hard base or bed which can endure the weight of the mattress and its user. This warranty does not cover a product, if you use it in a way incompatible with the designed one.

      This limited warranty concerns the initial buyer of each mattress. All warranties that Stepin2Nature Bulgaria Ltd. offers, including   the default warranties, are valid only for the term, during which a mattress is owned by its initial buyer. ”The initial buyer’’ of a mattress is the first buyer of the mattress from Stepin2Nature Bulgaria Ltd. or an authorized retailer.

      Please, keep a copy of your cash receipt as a proof of the purchase. All the limited warranties that Stepin2Nature Bulgaria Ltd. offers cannot be transferred.


      Stepin2Nature Bulgaria Ltd. recognizes the warranty of a mattress when it has been sold in its original packaging, when there are defects in the material and the production, from the time the mattress has been bought by you and is used in accordance with the purpose intended, on hard base or bed, which is structured to endure the weight of the mattress and its user.


      This limited warranty covers the following defects:

      • Sinking and sagging, larger  than 3 centimeters, on condition that the mattress has been used with proper base and under mattress frame with minimum 5 supporting points;
      • Every physical flaw of the mattress, which is caused by defects in the material (mineral foam and aqua memory foam), despite its normal use and functioning.
      • Every production defect in the zipper of the mattress case.

      This limited warranty does not cover the following:

      • Natural changes in the level of firmness and the time of recovery of the mineral foam and aqua memory foam during continuous exploitation, which does not  affect the quality of the mattress.
      • Preferences concerning comfort;
      • Irregular use, not in accordance with the purpose intended (physical  pressure, jumping on it) or damage of the mattress structure and/or cover, including, but not only, burns, cuts, ironing on it, spilling  of  liquids or stains from bleaching solutions or chemical detergents, on condition that the defect is caused by these irregular uses.
      • Replacement of  all non defective components in the system of Stepin2Nature Bulgaria Ltd. ( for example if you buy a mattress with lots of components, and only one of them is defective, we will replace only the defective component).
      • Every mattress (manufactured by Stepin2Nature Bulgaria Ltd. or not), that is sold by unauthorized merchants.

      In case of defect, the mattress should be carefully packed, stored in good faith, and in proper hygiene condition.

      In case that there are no identical materials available, due to the termination of their production, Stepin2Nature Bulgaria Ltd. reserves the right to use similar materials, with characteristics as close as possible to the originally used ones.

      If your mattress is repaired or replaced, the warranty will not be renewed or prolonged.


      In case of defect and in order to take advantage  of the warranty, the mattress should be returned back with a proof of the date of the initial purchase. In this case the transport costs are not your responsibility. A proof of defect and all other claims should be sent to the e-mail address, given at the bottom of the warranty card.

      A replaced or repaired mattress is an object of the same limited warranty as the original one. For example, if you receive a replaced or repaired mattress, its period of warranty shall start from the date of the purchase of the original mattress.


      • We recommend using a slatted under mattress frame, which allows good ventilation and increases comfort.
      • Air regularly the premises, where the mattress is placed
      • Do not wash the mattress and do not use chemical detergents or dissolvents, because you can damage the quilted fabric and the inner material.
      • Clean the mattress with dry cloth, soft brush or moistened sponge, with minimum quantity of soap. Intense moistening can damage the mattress.


      • Carefully remove the polyethylene packaging.
      • Place the mattress on a dry slatted under mattress frame.
      • Let the mattress “breathe” for  about 4 hours before putting blankets and covers. This will allow it to adapt and the residual moisture, if there is any, to evaporate

      Manufacturer: Step in to Nature Bulgaria
      Phone: 070020282
      E-mail: office@stepin2nature.com

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