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      Property and Copyright

      Owner of the online store and the trademark Stepin2Nature.com is Stepin2Nature Bulgaria Ltd, UIC 204114319, with registered office and address in Plovdiv. Stepin2Nature Bulgaria Ltd. is the manufacturer of the first two-sided, non-spring mattress in the world, made of polyurethane foam, enriched with minerals shungite and a mixture of tourmaline and zeolite. For the first time in the world an inner case, divided into sections, in which the different materials are placed, has been used. The production of the mattress is carried out by new technology - without glues. This makes it very suitable for babies, children, and people with allergies. The basic material in the production of our mattresses is 3D profiled polyurethane foam, enriched with minerals shungite and a mixture of zeolite and tourmaline. By combining different degrees of density and firmness and order of layers, natural bouncing effect and maximum ventilation is achieved.

      Logos, brand signs, pictures from catalogs, texts, etc. have been used in the content of the online store Stepin2Nature.com and the copyright over these materials belongs to Stepin2Nature Bulgaria LTD. Their use for commercial, advertising or other purposes, by public distribution, copying, publication in other websites, creation of secondary materials on the site content basis, changes in the site content, are considered violations of copyright and the related rights, and are prosecuted by law. Customers can copy materials from e-shop only for their own use.


      The online store Stepin2Nature.com offers visitors to view and purchase products presented on it. To shop online on Stepin2Nature.com you should make registration. Through it you create a personal profile, where you have to fill in your first and family name, shipping and billing address, telephone number, e-mail, password.

      By ticking the box "I agree with the Terms of Use" the client declares that he is familiar with these Terms and accepts them entirely.

      Stepin2Nature.com reserves the right to change these Terms. The current conditions at the moment an order is placed by a customer are the agreed terms for the particular order.

      Terms of order

      All orders must be placed only through the website. We do not accept orders by phone, e-mail or fax. To order a product through the website, you have to add it to your order by clicking Add button. You can check the content of the order by clicking My Basket button. To continue shopping click on the link Back to shopping. When you have finished viewing the products and want to finish the order, click again on the icon and then on the button Finish order. Finally, you need to enter, verify and confirm the recipient name and delivery address. After checking all the details of your order such as products, size, quantity, price and recipient data, click Order button. After finalizing the order we will send you confirmation e-mail at the e-mail address provided at registration. We recommend that you check, keep and / or print this email. If you wish to cancel an order, please contact us via email address listed on the site. Refusals of orders by phone are not accepted.

      In case that the ordered products are not available, we will notify you in the shortest possible time and the order will be cancelled. We will notify you via e-mail of any changes concerning your order.

      We are committed to provide you with rich and updated information about the products that we offer on the website. We reserve the right to make changes concerning provided for each product information, without notice. We are also committed to provide you with the most accurate images of the products. However, in some particular cases, slight discrepancies in the fabric and colour of the goods may occur, for which we are not responsible.

      Price and terms of delivery

      All prices on the website are in Bulgarian levs, VAT included.

      We reserve the right to change the announced prices. In any case, the price announced at the time of the order is the price, which you are expected to pay.

      The ordered product is delivered to the address, given by the client. The client is obliged to provide access and opportunity to receive the goods.

      The product is delivered within 10 / ten / working days, when ordering standard size and model and 15 / fifteen / working days when ordering custom made mattress / with size other than the specified options, or with other characteristics beyond the standard ones for the model /at the address given, on condition the address is correct and valid, and the order is confirmed by the client. The merchandise is delivered properly packed, according to its type and the transport used for delivery.

      The payment of the due price is made either by bank transfer or cash on delivery by the client, who has ordered the goods, or by a third party on his behalf, provided that he confirms the receiving and identity of the ordered goods.

      Note: The company provides transportation to the address given, but does not engage in carrying of the goods.

      Free delivery


      A customer, who has ordered goods through our website, has the right to refuse to receive the goods ordered by him on delivery, only under the following conditions:

      • If the delivered product does not correspond to the ordered one, according to the parameters set by him, and this can be ascertained by a routine examination of the product. Discrepancies beyond those set out in the online order are not considered grounds for returning the goods;
      • If during transportation the product or its packaging is damaged;
      • If the price that the customer should pay does not correspond to the price quoted on our site at the time of the online order. We reserve the right to change the prices of online products at any time;
      • If the declared deadline is not met.


      Online shopping is regulated by the Law on Electronic Commerce. The rights of the clients of every online store are determined by the Consumer Protection Act. You have the right to refuse and return the ordered goods within 7 working days, provided that the packaging is intact.

      Степ ин ту Нейчър България ООД Ви предоставя 100 дни, за да спите и да настроите своя комфорт с нашият матрак и в случай, че не Ви допадне, може да ни го върнете обратно абсолютно безплатно.

      Step in 2 Nature Bulgaria Ltd. gives you 100 days to sleep and set up your comfort with our mattress and in case you don’t like it, you can return it to us absolutely free.

      Warranty term is indicated on each item. If you have problems, please contact us via phone numbers and e-mail address given on the site.


      According to the Consumer Protection Act and trade rules, the customer has the right to set up a claim in the following cases: ascertained shortages, defects of the product, discrepancy with the agreed size, colour, price or trademark. Please note that this is only possible if the product is unused, its original condition is kept, and the integrity of the packaging is not damaged, under the terms of Article 55 of the CPA. The return costs are paid by the customer.

      Claims in the above-mentioned cases are set up only at the time of delivery.

      In case the customer refuses to accept the product, a protocol for rejection is drawn up at the time of delivery. If the customer reffuses to sign the protocol, it is assumed that the refusal is groundless and he has to pay the delivery and return costs.

      After receiving and paying for the product, the customer can set up a claim and wants its return and refund of the purchase price according to the conditions, stated in the warranty card.

      When setting up a claim the customer is obliged to apply the documents on which the claim is based- an invoice and/or cash receipt, a protocol and other documents/pictures/ verifying the discrepancy of the product with the agreed parameters.

      Protection of personal data

      Stepin2Nature Bulgaria LTD is a registered administrator of personal data in the Commission For the Protection Of Personal Data. Stepin2nature.com collects and processes your personal data obeying all the norms of Bulgarian and European legislation. These are: the data you provide and the automatically generated information during your visit or order on the site. Your personal data will be used only for the following purposes: processing of orders and the related operations, sending of electronic newsletters for actual and future promotions, internal company statistics purposes, improvement of the website, optimization of service. You have the right to demand deleting of your personal data. But this will lead to termination of your registration on our website and make impossible viewing the full content of the site, as well as shopping.

      By accepting these terms you declare that you provide your personal data voluntarily and you agree with our Privacy Policy. Stepin2Nature.com cannot be prosecuted for mistakes arisen due to carelessness of the customer regarding the security and confidentiality of his account and password.

      In situations arisen in connection with unsettled matters, the client has the right to address the outstanding matters to our assistant at the correspondence address given on the website.

      All the disputes between the parties in connection with the implementation and/or interpretation of the present conditions should be settled by negotiations between them in the spirit of cooperation and good will, and if negotiations prove unsuccessful, in court, under the current legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria.

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