• Enjoy healthy sleep
      100 days test period
    • Antibacterial pillow with memory foam and tourmaline

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      • Protection against dust mites
      • Calms and reduces stress
      • Tourmaline
      • Size- 52cm/27cm/12cm
      • Aqua memory foam
      • Cotton case
      • Orthopaedic characteristics
      34.77 EUR

      A perfect pillow for everyone

      Thanks to its specific droplike shape and the thermo-independent Aqua memory foam with Tourmaline it provides a high degree of orthopaedic characteristics and comfort for sound sleep.

      Tourmaline has a strong anti-allergic and antibacterial effect. It emits negative ions that contribute to the pleasant feeling of freshness during sleep.

      With its orthopaedic properties, the Tourmaline pillow supports the head and neck where needed, and relieves the tension in the cervical vertebrae.

      Suitable for the following problems:

      • Headache (migraine)
      • Shoulder and neck stiffness (periarthritis, spinal osteophytes, plexitis, arthritis, rheumatism, cramps, etc.)
      • Sleep Disorders
      • High levels of stress
      • Encourages blood circulation and eliminates fatigue
      • Suitable for people prone to home dust allergy
      • Cotton fibers naturally regulate temperature, and Aqua memory foam is thermo-independent, making it suitable for use throughout the year.
      • Suitable for people with extremely sensitive skin
      • Comfort
      • Support
      • No odour
      • Air circulation
      • Temperature
      • Healthy environment
  • Enjoy peaceful and healthy sleep
    100 days test period
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