• Enjoy healthy sleep
      100 days test period
    • Antibacterial top mattress with memory foam and minerals

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      • Protection against dust mites
      • Soothes and reduces stress
      • Tourmaline and Zeolite
      • Latex light foam - 4 cm.
      • Aqua memory foam - 2 cm.
      • Cotton and linen
      A perfect top mattress for healthy sleep
      84.36 EUR

      A perfect top mattress for everyone

      The advantages of Stepin2Nature lie in the right combination of different types of foam enriched with minerals which have a beneficial effect on sleep, restore energy balance, and reduce stress. At the same time they ionize the air and purify it. Thanks to the used minerals, the foam has natural antibacterial protection. The main factors that affect sleep quality are six: comfort, support, healthy environment, temperature, lack of odours, and good air circulation in the mattress.
      • Comfort
      • Support
      • Without odour
      • Circulation of the air
      • Temperature
      • Healthy environment
  • Enjoy peaceful and healthy sleep
    100 days test period
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