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      Our mission is to help everyone by offering the best product for sleep in a healthy environment.

      That is why we turned to Nature, from which we take everything that is necessary for life and which gives us calmness, peace and love.

      We have used the experience of world-renowned scientists in the sphere of studying of minerals and their benefits for human health, as well as our own knowledge.

      The foam from witch the mattress is made we have enriched with minerals - tourmaline, zeolite and shungite.

      We have created Stepin2Nature, because we want better sleep for everyone, for better life.

      • Tourmaline
        Air vitamins ionizes
        Tourmaline is the only mineral in the world, which has constant electromagnetic field and emits negatively charged ions, or the so called air vitamins. Saturating the air with them, we obtain healthy environment for sleeping. more
      • Shungite
        Neutralizes electromagnetic radiation
        Shungite is a mineral which protects from harmful electromagnetic effects of electronic devices surrounding us. Its energy quickly restores the zones with disorders in the human biofield. more
      • Zeolite
        Neutralizes radioactive elements and heavy
        Zeolite absorbs and neutralizes harmful substances. In this way it operates as constant air filter which purifies air from impurities and odours. Ionizes. more
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