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      • What is the sleep
        What is the sleep
        Until the 1950s, most people thought of sleep as a passive process, whose primary function is to restore our energy balance.
      • Negative ions
        Negative ions
        Let's talk about ions. What is an ion? Or perhaps more importantly, why should you know about ions?
      • Mineral Tourmaline
        Mineral Tourmaline
        Tourmaline is the only mineral in the world which has constant electromagnetic field and emits negatively charged ions, or ...
      • Mineral Zeolite
        Mineral Zeolite
        Zeolite absorbs and neutralizes harmful substances. In this way it operates as constant air filter, which purifies air from ...
      • Mineral Shungite
        Mineral Shungite
        Shungite is a mineral, which protects from harmful electromagnetic effects of electronic devices surrounding us. Its energy ...
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