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      The mineral shungite is a specific carbon with amorphous structure. It is extracted from the most ancient rocks on Earth whose existence dates back more than two billion years ago. It is named after the village of Shunga in Karelia district of Russia, located on the shores of Lake Onega. Waters of this lake are known to have an incredibly powerful healing force.

      The mineral features an exclusive resistance against gravity and high reactivity in thermal processes. High adsorbtion properties of the rock determine its catalytic and chemical resistant nature.

      Its structure is unusual–a composite carbon matrix, in which silicate particles are evenly distributed. Of greatest interest in its composition is the carbon atom, which comprises the following compounds in the ratio: SiO2 (57,0%), TiO2 (0.2%), A12O3 (4,0%), FeO (2,5%), MgO (1.2%), H2O (4.2%), K2O (1,5%), S (1,2%).

      The mineral is characterized by high adsorption activity against bacteria, pathogenic saprophytes and infected cells. Regardless of the size of the particles therein, the mineral has bipolar properties. They explain its high adhesion and ability to be mixed with all substances without exception.
      Shungite is one of the oldest rocks on the planet. Its geological age is 2 billion years.

      It took its name in 1887 when in Shunga village in Karelia major deposits of this carbon rock were found, the only ones of its kind in the world. Various opinions exist about the origin of shungite, but it is an indisputable fact that it has no equal in terms of its healing properties and benefits for the human body. Curative properties of shungite were first mentioned at the beginning of the XVI century, and a century later in 1714 Peter the Great learned about the healing properties of shungite and ordered a thorough examination of the springs passing through shungite rocks.

      Shortly afterwards, once convinced of the unique healing power of this rock, he built the first Russian resort called "Marcial Waters". At the same time he required soldiers to carry shungite pieces and put them in the canteens of drinking water. As a result the royal troops, when on march, had always decontaminated and curative drinking water.

      In 1930 an international expedition of scientists was organized, and it was proved, that waters flowing through shungite rocks, possess unique healing properties. A scientific discovery made in 1985, awarded with the Nobel Prize of chemistry, brought to light new information about the outstanding properties of shungite. Specific molecular compounds called fullerenes were found in its composition, determining the broad spectrum of healing properties of this extraordinary rock. This particular molecular structure is the reason for its wide use in medicine.

      Shungite stone, possessing rich mineral composition, expresses sorption, bactericidal and catalytic properties and has been widely used for activation and purification of drinking water for more than 200 years. Shungite water is a molecular colloidal solution of hydrated fullerenes, which have inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, analgesic, anti-allergic and immune-stimulating effects in human body.

      Shungite therapy is a very popular method of treatment not only as pieces of shungite (for putting in water and medical massage), but various products are also made of it (plates, discs, spheres, pyramids, necklaces and so on.) contributing to neutralizing harmful electromagnetic radiation and weakening the negative impact on the human body of geopathogenic zones.

      The discovery of spherical fullerenes in the composition of shungite revealed to scientists new opportunities for pharmacological and biological use of this unique rock.

      Shungite is virtually an universal natural absorbent, able to retain on its surface over 94% of possible impurities in our drinking water, deactivates and destroys phenols, resins, acids, acetone and others. It deposits on its surface salts of heavy elements, colloidal iron, radionuclides, chlorine, phosphorus, nitrates and nitrites, pesticides and fungicides and so on.

      Shungite activates all macro and micro elements in concentrations optimal for the human body.

      Shungite water is characterized by high purity, pleasant flavor, rich mineral composition and unusual molecular structure (interacting with shungite water acquires the structure of "live water"), and special energy - information field, which has healing impact on all systems of the human body.

      It is proved that 100 g pieces of shungite put in 1 liter of water reduce streptococcus group D 90 times in thirty minutes, and streptococcus group A - 800 times.

      Shungite water is highly effective in cases of: anemia, diseases of the digestive system, diseases of the cardiovascular system, inflammatory processes and allergy, diseases of the oral cavity, lungs, throat.

      Methods of preparation of shungite water

      Pieces of shungite should be thoroughly washed under running water. Then 250 g shungites are placed in 5 liters of water. Three days later, the water is ready for use. At about 500 ml of water should always remain in the container, t.e. the stones must always be covered by some water.
      At least once in a month the shungite pieces should be washed under running water, then returned to the container. Shungite water should not be placed in the refrigerator. It has no contraindications in indoor or outdoor use. Its term of use is three years.

      Shungite Products

      Wearing jewelry made of shungite concentrates useful energy and removes all that is harmful to the body. Shungite and the products made of it protect against electromagnetic radiation of TV sets, computers, mobile phones, microwave ovens and all the surrounding electromagnetic radiation.
      The magic effect of Shungite is well known.
      If we refer to ancient legends, the shape of the product is also of significance for its action.
      Shungite structure allows to creat talismans and amulets with rounded or angular edges, practically in any shape. It is believed that the round and oval products are more suitable for the accumulation of positive energy, while the items with sharp outlines have effect immediately.
      What the shungite product will bring to you depends primarily on your desires because you programme the stone by yourself. Luck, health, happiness are unique positive energies that you can set in the right direction.
      Shungite products protect against dark forces, bring peace and contribute to good luck and success in business and love.
      The stones tend to make people cheerful and energetic.
      Shungite sphere is able to solve love problems of its owner, while a pyramid will help you to protect your home and block the emergence of negative energy.

      Clinical and laboratory tests are carried out only on pieces of noble shungite, one whose content of carbon is above 95 %, and whose deposits are deeply secret. The results from them are classified.

      It is known for sure that shungite possesses the following properties

      1. A piece of polished shungite helps to eliminate fatigue and boosts quicker recovery of vitality when you hold it in the morning and at evening in hand.
      2. Helps maintain fresh memory and fresh mind.
      3. It promotes exuberant mood and possitive attitude to life.
      4. His energy quickly recovers places with disordered biofield and hence precerve the body and internal organs from various health problems–stress and external influences.

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