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      100 days test period
    • Is a healthy sleep environment possible?

      Imagine the possibility of sleeping in the open air, on the beach, in a glade by a small rippling creek. Dreams! But dreams can come true!

      Bulgarians, for the first time in the world, have created a mattress in which they have embedded  the minerals Tourmaline, Zeolite and Shungite thus achieving a naturally ionized and antibacterial sleep environment. It protects from viruses, bacteria and mould, you breathe easier, it protects the immune system, the adrenal and thyroid glands, regulates the serotonin levels, reduces fatigue. And besides this you have the opportunity to adjust it to your individual comfort, even if the mattress is double size, thanks to the unique module case. And what is more, you can test the mattress within 100 days! It is worth trying! For the more curious of you here are some details about the benefits of negative ions:

      • Clean indoor premises from: dust, mould spores, viruses, bacteria and others. Studies prove that negative ions can get you rid of 52% of dust, 95% of bacteria and 40% of viruses. There is no statistics about fungal spores, but negative ions certainly help if you are allergic to mould.
      • Improve breathing for people with respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, hay fever, allergies, even if they are smokers. Our bodies have specific "air purifiers", cilia, that cleanse pollutants before they reach the lungs, but respiratory problems may hinder the work of cilia and in the end allergens, bacteria, viruses and other contaminants are accumulated in your lungs. Negative ions restore the normal activity of the cilia, so that they can once again do their job. The more negative ions, the better the results.
      • Strengthen the immune system, adrenal and thyroid glands. We have no studies on the effect on other endocrine glands, but due to the fact that when one thing affects a gland, it affects all the glands at the same time, so negative ions help all glands for sure. Especially since it is proved that they can improve the functioning of all cells in the body.
      • Adjust the levels of serotonin. Low levels of serotonin cause depression, insomnia and nightmares; drugs do not help to overcome these disorders. Whether the level of serotonin is too high or too low, negative ions normalize its production without side effects.
      • Reduce fatigue and improve mental performance and efficiency. Do you understand now why negative ions are heroes? And one final benefit: if you have high blood pressure, negative ions can reduce it.

      How do you like it? And it is antibacterial!

      You have the opportunity to adjust it to your comfort!

      I will try, 100 days seem to me more than enough to understand whether this is my, i.e. our mattress!

      If you decide to try, contact us Stepin2Nature.

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    100 days test period
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